Talmud Writings & Purpose | What is the Talmud? Tuareg Overview, History, & Culture | Who are the Touareg People? In the story, Pan repeatedly tried to seduce the young Naiad, and Syrinx thus sought a means to escape the nature god. Great Pacific Garbage Patch: Facts & Effects | What is Trash Island? Himeros, God of Sexual Desire: Mythology & Traits | Who was Himeros? While minor deities, the Naiads were still revered by the ancient Greeks with many towns, cities, and islands naming themselves after specific nymphs. I have always liked the Greek mythology. Naiads exist on the cusp of immortality. Contour Lines on Maps: Purpose & Importance | What are Contour Lines? Emerging Adulthood: Overview & Analysis | The Ages of Young Adulthood. Bridgewater Canal | Overview, History & Industrial Revolution. Longhouse Religion Founder & Beliefs | What is Gaihwi:io? Isfahan Mosque History & Facts | What is the Shah Mosque? Developmental Psychology | Overview, Stages & Periods, Executive Control in Psychology | Functions, Skills, & Disorders, Encoding Specificity Principle | Psychology Overview & Examples, Language in Psychology | Semantics, Syntax, Morphemes, & Phonemes, Reciprocal Altruism in Psychology | Theory, Importance & Examples. Discover this goddess that is always associated with some sort of water, such as a river nymph. The Bee Gees: History, Members & Songs | Who were the Bee Gees? Kami History, Belief & Ceremonies | What are Kami in Shintoism? Dryads are known for being rather shy. Strain Theory Overview, Examples & Facts | What is Strain Theory? Confucianism in Japan | History, Importance & Philosophy, Ezra & Nehemiah in the Hebrew Bible | History, Timeline & Division. Dagon God History, Mythology & Facts | Who was Dagon in the Bible? Petronas Towers: History & Architecture | Where is the Petronas Towers? Etrog History, Significance & Facts | What is the Sukkot Fruit? Oni, Japanese Demon: Origins & Stories | What is an Oni? Limited War Overview & Examples | Limited War vs. Total War. The exact origin of the Naiads is unclear in Greek mythology, but many ancient scholars like Homer and Hesiod believed them to be the offspring of the Potamoi. Valkyrie Mythology & Role | What is a Valkyrie? Just-World Phenomenon: Theory & Examples | What is the Just-World Hypothesis? Zhejiang Province in China | History, Population & Language. Mortal vs. Venial Sin: Overview & Examples | What is a Mortal Sin? Curry: Origin, Types & Ingredients | What is in a Curry? Temple of Dagon Overview, History & Facts | Who is the God Dagon? 1 : any of the nymphs in classical mythology living in and giving life to lakes, rivers, springs, and fountains 2 : an aquatic insect nymph (as of a mayfly, dragonfly, damselfly, or stone fly) 3 : any of a genus (Najas of the family Najadaceae) of submerged aquatic plants Synonyms dryad hamadryad nymph oread wood nymph Palestine History, People & Religion | Where is Palestine Located? Gavotte Overview & Composition | What is a Gavotte? Rightly Guided Caliphs History & Role | What is the Rashidun? Serbian Orthodox Church | Overview, History & Facts. Menshen, Chinese Door Gods: History & Legend | What are Menshen? Channel Tunnel Overview & Facts | How Long is the Chunnel? The Birdman of Alcatraz Life & Significance | Who was Robert Stroud? The rites of sepulture were essential for the repose of the manes. Honorifics Overview & Titles | What are Honorifics in English? Asura History & Mythology | What are Asuras in Hinduism? House of Windsor Overview & Members | Family Tree of King Charles III, The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago | Overview, Controversy & Significance, January Overview, History & Facts | First Month of the Year, Eightfold Path in Buddhism | Origin, Purpose & Steps. King Lycaon Mythology | What is the Greek Origin of Werewolves? Entablature Overview & Purpose | What is an Entablature in Architecture? The Dryads were typically guardian spirits. The dry- part of dryad comes from the Greek word "oak" and used to refer to only oak tree nymphs, but now it has become the overarching term for all wood nymphs. Syrinx asked a group of other river nymphs to help her escape Pan, who in turn transformed her into a cluster of reeds that made a horrible sound when the wild nature god would blow past them. Merkabah Mysticism: Overview & History | What is Merkabah Mysticism? Architectural Columns Structure, Parts & Types | What are Columns? Parallel Processing in Psychology | Overview, Concepts & Examples, Mere Exposure Effect | Overview, Psychology & Examples, Effective Communication Strategies & Skills | Communication in Management. Hebrew Bible: Overview, Books & Name | What is the Tanakh in Judaism? Israel Religion: History & Facts | What is the Main Religion in Israel? Bible Translations | Overview, History & Timeline. Torah Ark: History, Purpose & Location | What is the Aron HaKodesh? Zao Jun, Chinese Kitchen God: Myths & Facts | Who is the Stove God? Centre Pompidou in Paris | Architecture, Architect & Purpose. Nonn.5.309. Atharvaveda Overview & Significance | What is the Atharvaveda? Oktoberfest History, Tradition & Facts | When is Oktoberfest? Epiphany: Date, History & Facts | What is Three Kings' Day? Kaifeng Jews: Overview, History & Synagogue | Judaism in China, Canaanite Religion: Overview & Gods | Religion of Ancient Canaan. The Olympian Gods (c) Hellenic Art Underworld Gods (c) Aerin Cruz Sea Gods (c) DC Comics Rustic Gods Primordial Gods (c) Family Tree Template The Titans (c) Tales Beyond Belief Mythical Creatures (c) Safari Ltd Heroes Yet the etymology of the noun nmph Armenian Apostolic Church | Origin, History & Beliefs, Donation of Constantine | Forgery, History & Facts. Labor Theory of Value | Origin, History & Examples. Boogeyman: Legend, Names & Appearance | Who is the Boogeyman? Catholic Mass: History & Facts | What is a Church Mass? The Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series consist of five books by author Rick Riordan. El God: Mythology & Forms | Supreme God of Canaanites. Their domains include bodies of freshwater like rivers, streams, lakes, springs, fountains, marshes and wetlands. Analysis. Exorcism Origin & History | What are Exorcisms? Cadmus was the son of Agenor or Phoenix, King of Phoenicia. Lost Tribes of Israel: Overview & History | What are the 10 Lost Tribes? Angra Mainyu in Zoroastrianism | Overview, Story & Adversary. After all, you don't get all those begats without a bit of begetting, if you know what I mean. Susanoo in Japanese Mythology Role & Origin | Who is Susanoo-no-Mikoto? Apocrypha Overview & Books | What is the Apocrypha? August Wilson Plays & Biography | Who was August Wilson? Uruguay Facts, Population & Language | Where is Uruguay? Several myths cite the Naiads as the nurses and protectors of the infant Zeus, the companions of Apollo and the fellow hunters of Artemis. Armistice Overview, Examples & Facts | What is an Armistice? Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Dogma Overview & Examples | What is Dogmatism? Fragging Overview, History & Examples | What is Fragging? Laylat al-Qadr Significance & Origin | What is the Night of Power? New Left History, Facts & Overview | What is New Leftism? The Animals: Band History, Facts & Songs | Who are The Animals? Fortune Telling History & Facts | What is a Fortune Teller? They were also believed to have had the ability to heal the sick, inspire poets, and bring fertility to crops and young women. The nymphs were minor goddesses, usually tied to a specific place. Balto-Slavic Languages: Facts & List | What are Balto-Slavic Languages? Ewe People Language & Culture | Who are the Ewe People? Adobe Bricks Material, Use & Overview | What is Adobe Clay? Les Demoiselles d'Avignon by Pablo Picasso | Overview, Significance & Facts. These ladies are the Dryads of coniferous trees. Ancient Ouroboros Symbol | History, Significance & Examples, Laurel and Hardy | Careers, Films & Influence. Drys () signifies "oak" in Greek. Myth of Creation Advertisement Effects of Hinduism on Society | Overview & Examples. Chinese Tongs History & Purpose | What is a Tong? The Cross: Symbolism, Use & Designs | What Does the Cross Mean? Enrolling in a course lets you earn progress by passing quizzes and exams. Cuba Facts, History & People | Where is Cuba Located? Nephilim Overview & Facts | Who were the Nephilim in the Bible? Panentheism Beliefs, Philosophy & Examples | What is Panentheism? The dryads were some of the most famous nymphs of Greek mythology. Mosque of Ibn Tulun Overview & Facts | History of Ibn Tulun Mosque. Pashto Language: Overview & Alphabet | Where is Pashto Spoken? Michel Nostradamus Life & Predictions | Who was Nostradamus? Midsummer Overview, History & Facts | What is Midsummer Day? Execution by Hanging | Origin, History & Examples. Erving Goffman Theory & Works | Who was Erving Goffman? Sami History, Language & Facts | Who are the Sami People? Gates of Paradise by Lorenzo Ghiberti | Overview, History & Facts, Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial | Overview, Significance & Facts. They are distinct from river gods, who embodied rivers, and the very ancient spirits that inhabited the still waters of marshes, ponds and lagoon-lakes such as pre-Mycenaean Lernain the Argolis. Caishen Origin, Mythology & Role | Chinese God of Money & Wealth. Crop Circles Causes & Examples | What are Crop Circles? Feast of the Annunciation | History, Celebration & Facts, Yom HaShoah Overview & Facts | Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel. Receptor Cells & Sites in Psychology | What is a Receptor Site? Hephaestus & Aphrodite Marriage & Myth | Why Did Aphrodite Marry Hephaestus? Mass Overview, Order & Practices | What is a Holy Mass? They resided in streams, pools, fountains, and natural wells. Tohono O'odham Culture & Facts | Who are the Tohono O'odham People? Shabbat Purpose, History & Practice | What is Shabbat? Precognition History, Types & Theories | What is Precognition? The meaning of DRYAD is a spirit that lives in the forest : wood nymph, fairy. South African Townships | Overview, History & Locations. The Sun Dance Ceremony Practices & Overview | What is the Sun Dance? Citizen Kane Plot, Analysis & Context | What is Citizen Kane? Human Security Overview & Concepts | What is Human Security? Irredentism Overview, Purpose & Examples | What is Irredentism? Pascal's Wager Overview, Variations & Facts | Blaise Pascal's Wager, Hodr, God of Darkness in Norse Mythology | Origin, Family & Role. Ma Rainey, Blues Singer: Career & Life | Who was Ma Rainey? Modern Hebrew Language: Origin & Alphabet | What is Hebrew? Dispensationalism Overview & Theology | What is Dispensationalism? Seraph Overview, Significance & Facts | What are Seraphim? July Overview, Symbols & Facts | When is the Month of July? Navratri History, Celebration & Importance | When is Navratri? Incarnation of Jesus History & Significance | What is Incarnation? Santera Saints: History, Facts & Symbols | Gods of Santera. Eddie Vedder: Lead Singer of Pearl Jam | Biography, Facts & Music, Al Capp: Li'l Abner Cartoonist | Biography, Comics & Influences, Vampire Origins, Legends & Types | The Evolution of Vampire Lore. Grand Canal History & Uses | When was the Grand Canal Built? Samson in the Bible: Story & Delilah | Who was Samson in the Bible? Naiads were classified into subcategories depending on their domain, including Pegaiai (springs), Krenaiai (fountains), Potameides (rivers and streams), Limnades (lakes) and Heleionomai (marshes and wetlands). Song of Solomon Overview & Summary | What is the Song of Songs? Anat Overview, Mythology & Symbols | Who is Goddess Anat? Chrysler Building Architecture & Facts | Style of Chrysler Building, Chaldean Catholic Church | Overview, History & Significance, Chinese Go: Game Overview & History | How To Play the Game of Go. Aurora, Roman Goddess of Dawn: Mythology & Powers | Who is Aurora? Budai Origin & History | Who was the Hotei Buddha? Buryat History, Language & Culture | Who are the Buryat People? Royal Exchange: Overview & History | What is the Royal Exchange? Pentecost Holiday, History & Overview | What is Pentecost Sunday? Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Paintings & Art | Who was Toulouse-Lautrec?

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